We understand that your home is also an investment. Quality construction, superb design and thought-out spaces have been the hallmark of every ATS Project – a special living experience enjoyed by all ATS residents. Here are 4 key differentiators of ATS Golf Meadows Derabassi:

+ happy residents
dedicated workforce

Quality Assurance

When it comes to engineering excellence, ATS has a pedigree of path-breaking ideas. All its properties are tastefully designed to marry functionality with aesthetics. Golf Meadows Dera Bassi recreates the long standing reputation and fine values of ATS. Investing in an ATS project gives you a feeling of inner peace, knowledge that you are secure in the hands of the most trusted name and a belief that you will continue to be served long after the project is completed and handed over.

Easy Financing

It’ll come as no surprise that ATS projects are preferred properties for banks too. This is because of the customer profile that ATS attracts and the fact that ATS projects are all ‘clean’ deals. We get our projects approved by institutions like HDFC, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, UTI Bank and LIC which provide you with multiple options for your loan requirements.

Home to happy families

Every ATS property bears a stronghold testimony of our transparency and an endorsement of thousands of happy families living in ATS projects. They endorse us without being asked, sharing their experiences with friends and building spontaneous goodwill for us. If you’re considering a home in one of our current projects, why not have a word with someone who lives in an ATS development?

Master Architects

ATS has a policy of working only with the best support team of architects, engineers, legal experts, property managers, and marketers. You can have your peace of mind knowing well that the structure of your building has been designed by world renowned brains like Hafeez Contractor, who changed the shape of the skyline of Mumbai, Gurgaon and Noida with 166 residential buildings and more than 150 commercial and recreational complexes; and Oru Bose, Florida renowned for cutting edge design and innovative township planning.